Friday, 19 February 2010

Poison Ivy

Wooo finally finished my Poison Ivy picture lol only took a good few years doing little bits at a time! ^_^ Also in my gallery, might even get it done as a print ^_^ x

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Second Fitting

These are my photos from my second fitting which was yesterday. I think its looking  really good. I really like it.

First Fitting

These are pictures from my first fitting. It went really well not too much too change this time but there could be more to change in the next fitting because this production of Dracula is a physical theatre piece.

Dracula Prototype

Through my course I'm working on a production with the acting course for a production of Dracula that is going to be performed at the Lighthouse in Poole. I am making the costume for Jonathon Harker. All the costumes are going to be made out of recycled clothes from Oxfam. As we have never worked on a production like this before we started off by making a prototype. These are some pictures of the prototype.
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